Rio Grande Reservoir Operations

Monday, July 27, 2020

The current release rate at Rio Grande Reservoir is 170.0 cfs and we are passing inflow to the reservoir to the downstream calling ditches. We anticipate seeing fluctuation in inflows due to current weather conditions and precipitation events in the area.

MONDAY, AUGUST 03, 2020:

We are currently passing inflows to the reservoir with the 36-inch cone valve. At a reservoir gage height ranging between 47.0 - 48.0 feet, the 36" cone valve has passed up to 170.0 cfs with a 100% opening. We are down to a release of 60-65.0cfs today, trying to maintain our legal status in the reservoir.


We are passing inflow to the reservoir so expect flow rates between 40-50.0 cfs released to the river. Flow rates may vary with current weather conditions. 

Tuesday, September 01, 2020:

We will be passing daily inflows this week, which are varying between 50 - 70 cfs. CPW continues to release small amounts of their stored water daily for their conservation ditches in the Valley.


The Reservoir will go in to storage for 1 week to allow inspection of the tunnel by remote operational vehicle. The inspection will take place on Tuesday, the 27th and valves will be opened back up on the 28th to resume passing inflow.