The Rio Grande Reservoir Rehabilitation Project was successfully completed as scheduled in July of 2020, and was made possible through grant funds received from San Luis Valley Water Conservancy District, the Rio Grande Roundtable, and the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). A $15 million loan was provided through the CWCB as well.

The project addressed dam safety issues, will allow the continued delivery of water for agricultural needs, serve as a tool for compliance with Rio Grande Compact, and aid for fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and flood control.

The San Luis Valley Irrigation District gives a very special thank you to the following for their great work and support:

General Contractor: Moltz Civil, LLC; Tunnel Contractor: Harrison Western; Engineers: Deere and Ault Consultants, DiNatale Water Consultants; Attorney: Tod Smith; Board of Directors: Randall Palmgren, Sheldon Rockey, Terry Chiles, Mark Beiriger, and Tuck Slane; Superintendent of the District: Robert Phillips; District Staff: Amy Dean, Chuck Mondragon, Dawson Mellott, Cody Shawcroft, and Chandler Swanson.


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Randall Palmgren, President
Sheldon Rockey, Vice President
Tuck Slane, Director
Mark Beiriger, Director
Patrick Brownell, Director




Robert Phillips, Superintendent
Amy Dean, Secretary
Dawson Mellott, Ditch Rider
Cody Shawcroft, Ditch Rider
Carlos Mondragon, Ditch Rider​